occurence.Replace Methode

Hello everyone!


I have a little bit of programming experience in VB.NET and no experience with Solid edge. Although I read Programmers Guide V15 and .Net Programmer's Guide I still could not find the solution to my problem..

Well, basicaly I want to write an external client (VB.NET) which would launch Solid Edge, open the right assembly file (that works fine) and replace few of the parts/assemblies in it.

I know that I should use Occurence.replace method to achive that, but can not figure out how do I replace certain asm with the name "unwuchtscheibe" with another one with the same name but different directory...


Can someone help me?


Posted by: Salwadora
Post date: 11/8/2012 10:53:29 AM


occurence.Replace Methode

I think you better use the RevisionManager Object to replace the files. And after that you may open the ASM with SE.


I find out that the remove will crash SE if you remove occurrences from the middle of the list of occurrences (Possibly a timing problem). Better remove from end to start of the list. After a remove or replace a App.DoIdle is mandatory.


Posted by: Stefan Barlage
Post date: 11/9/2012 4:48:28 AM