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part/model modified event?


hi SE dev forum,


is there a Solid Edge api event specifically for changes to a model? i'm able to pick up open/switch/close events using ISEApplicationEvents, but have not found anything that notifies of model design changes.


the closest i can think of is checking for specific commands when the AfterCommandRun(...) event gets fired, but it seems like it would be tedious to figure out every possible relevant command ID.


hopefully i'm not missing something obvious, your assistance is appreciated!




Re: part/model modified event?

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Note: I have not tested my answer but I think this is what you're looking for.


I used Spy for Solid Edge to quickly search for possible events. From the Type Browser tab, I typed 'Events' and hit enter. Scanning through the results, I noticed the ModelRecomputeEvents. Below is a screenshot of where you can access the events.




You can cast that property as ISEModelRecomputeEvents to access the events. That interface has the following events:

  • AfterFeatureIsAdded
  • AfterFeatureIsModified
  • AfterRecompute
  • BeforeFeatureIsDeleted
  • BeforeModelIsDeleted
  • BeforeRecompute
Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: part/model modified event?

thanks for the suggestion i'll give it a shot