perimeter calcs



I'm new to this forum and think is very useful.


I'm calculating physical properties of a sheet metals. Calling the "ComputePhysicalProperties" method, returns de "Volume", "Mass" and "Area", but I need to calculate the perimeter too.


Maybe SE has an apropiate function, don't know.


The other option is to calculate the perimeter for each feature of the sheet metal, too hard.


thanks a lot



Posted by: pepe perez
Post date: 11/8/2005 9:01:51 PM


RE: perimeter calcs



I've scanned the SDK and I don't see a way to accomplish this. You might post in the Solid Edge Programming forum and maybe even call GTAC as a last resort.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 11/9/2005 10:25:17 AM