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problem while excluding a part from a BOM

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

hi Sir,


i am facing problem in my project on solid edge customization, i am listing out some of the problem,


1. How to include or exclude items from BOM (bill of material).

2. How to add progress bar in project.

3.How to convert dft BOM to excel file through programming.

4.How to do revision manager through programming.

5.How to make views, fit to page in dft .

6.How to add balloons to views.

7.How to make pdf

8. How to add or delete std. fig. in dft

9. How to apply color to the part file.


I would be very thankful, if you can provide me solutions to my problems

or if possible vb code.


Posted by: raju pal
Post date: 3/26/2012 11:07:02 AM