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Valued Contributor



I am new to the forum and to programming solid edge macros and add ins. I have been looking around for some code examples to get myself started but it is a little overwhelming. 

What i am looking to do is rather simplistic but i don't know how hard it would be to code and I am not sure where would be a good place to start.  Regardless what I would like is a macro that does something like this.

when the save button is pressed enter a sub that looks something like this

If CurrentFile == sheet metal then

     Save CurrentFile.psm

     Save CurrentFile.dxf

else if CurrentFile == Draft then

     Save CurrentFile.dft

     Save CurrentFile.pdf



Eventually i would like this to lead into something that would scan a BOM and check all parts if they have a dft, dxf and pdf as needed.  We need the Dxf's and pdf's for part we send out to get laser cut and having out of date files has been a problem so i would like to find a way that elimiates that problem.


Thank you Very much for any help that can be given. I am most appreciative.


Gold bug



Posted by: Gold Bug
Post date: 7/13/2010 5:29:28 AM