threaded hole



i want to do a hole with thread.

Can i define it in the HoleDataCollection.Add(   ) command? I can only do with this a regular hole, and a counterbore hole.

It can't help if I give the thread minor, external diameters and depth parameters in the command.

Or i can only make a hole, and then with another command, make a thread on it?

Is it a simplier way to make a threaded hole?

How can i use the definied thread types from the hole.txt?

Thanks for any solutions, and any information.




Posted by: Ungi Laszlo
Post date: 3/31/2009 8:59:29 AM


RE: threaded hole


Hi Laszlo

You can make a threaded hole using the hole command, once in the command you have to defined the position of the hole and in the options of the command in the settings you defined the Type-->threaded and fill the rest of the options whatever works for you.

The value that Solid Edge takes for the thread size comes from the nominal diameter in the "HOLES.txt" file under xx/Solid Edge xx/Program/ ; which can be modified to increase the library.

The other way to do the threading starting with a a feature as a cutout or a protusion you have to give them a value accordingly to the "pipethread.txt" file also found in xx/Solid Edge xx/Program/; for a cutout thread the diameter of the cut must be equal to the inner diameter of the specs in the pipethread file as for the protusion the diameter must be equal to the outside diameter.

You can find more usefull information reading those two file.




Posted by: Diego Moreno
Post date: 5/1/2009 3:17:53 PM

RE: threaded hole


Hello Diego,


thenk You for your help.

The hole.txt gives me the solution.





Posted by: Ungi Laszlo
Post date: 5/2/2009 8:06:15 AM