using features from the feature library

I try to programm a VB macro which is able to create new features in the feature library and to insert them into an existing part. In simple steps:
1) I have a original feature (o-ring groove) in the library which has to be copied first by the macro.
2) The new feature has to be altered according to a given table (diameter for instance) -> altering the variables
3) The new feature has to be inserted into the current part.

Number 1 and 2 are no problem, so i already have the new test-feature in the library. My problem now is that I havn't any idea how to insert the feature into my part. It just has to copy/paste the feature from the library into the part. The exact placement (Window Feature_Set_Information with Required and Optional definitions) should then be handled manually (same as without macro). Is there any good solution for this problem or a reasonable alternative?
Thank you in advance for your help...


Re: using features from the feature library

No one any idea or is it unclear what I try to do? I still didn't find a good solution :/