2-D Rectangular Pattern

I'm fairly new to Solid Edge, and I can't figure out how to create a 2-D rectangular pattern of an ellipse. I need one column of 25 ellipses. Clicking on the ellipse before I select rectangular pattern hasn't worked for me. I'm also using a trial version, if that helps. Thanks in advance!


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Here is a video showing how it works.


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Re: 2-D Rectangular Pattern

I noticed that video shows it done in the drawing template. I tried doing what was shown in Sketch mode of the part template and it didn't work. Is there a difference between the two templates?

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Yes, they have different functions, based on the environment [Template] you're in.

By "2D pattern", Ken, as did I, thought you meant the "Draft" environment of SE...if you are designing a 3D model, then the appraoch is slightly different.


The sketch mode of the "Part" environment, SE uses the sketch geometry to be the basis of the patterns for design feature[s] to reside in a 3D model document, or complete model[s] in the "Assembly" environment. So the first instance of the pattern needs to exist first.


Whereas, sketching in the "Daft" environment, is all about the sketch geometry, and patterns act on it per Ken's video.



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