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2013 Productivity Summit in Boston


I just wanted to say what a GREAT time Paul, Elle, and I had at the Solid Edge Productivity Summit yesterday. All the presentations by Dan Staples, Ilya Nazaranko, Judd Mulkerin of Van **bleep** (Siemens must publish the work that Judd and Van **bleep** Recycling are doing with Solid Edge... great stuff) and Jason Titcomb and Rick Loring of LMGi. More great tricks and shortcuts. And of course Stewart Linsmith and Mike Paludin for all their support help as well.


I learned a couple wonderful new tricks or "gems" as they call them in ST6... the best being able to do Boolean Subtract Operations right in the Assembly! This is one of the most productive tools I've seen in SE and like multiple Bodies in Parts, it will be come a huge productivity tool.


I hope everyone goes to their local event... it's well worth the time and effort.


Again, Thanks everyone and Siemens for putting these Productivity Summits on.