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2D ST4 won't work on XP

I have installed 2D ST4 on my computer. I have downloaded it 3 times and installed it but when I click the icon to start the program a small box comes up and says the program failed because the system clock has been set back. It gives a license path C\Program Files\Solid Edge 2D Drafting ST4\Program\SELicense.dat. I went to that file and it reads "INCREMENT solidedge2ddrafting selmd 104.0 31-mar-2013 uncounted \
669A 979B 2498 DE77 542D 952C 9252 62CA 53DA 020F 8522 C9F4 \
8777 6394 5BF1 50DF 1C6A 3594 4E71 951F 0F07 184D A5A0 DBFD"

I contacted Siemens PLM Software and they gave me a link to download but it won't work either. They sent me an email and they said about my problem "The error you are getting is based on the licensing of the software. The error is typically an indicator that the system clock has been set back to date prior to the expiration date of a dated license file.

I run Solidworks and maybe there is a conflict between the 2 programs. Regards Roger

Re: 2D ST4 won't work on XP

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
The license file is correct.
The issue is with your system. Part of the license check with a timed license is to determine if the user is trying to cheat the timed license by rolling back the clock. I know that you most likely have not changed your system date to do this.

However, if you check the dates on the files down in the system folders you will see that there are files with future dates. I narrowed it down at one time where I believe system updates were causing this, but could not prove it. But, in the cases I evaluated, it was related to system files that were changed because of an update.

Rick B.

Re: 2D ST4 won't work on XP

Thanks Rick. If you notice the SELicense.dat file I included it is reading a future date of March 2013. I altered it to Feb 2013 and now I get a different message that says I need a new License. Do you think that will fix the problem if I could get a new License without reloading the program? If not how do I find the system folder, and what do I need to alter in that folder. Sorry I am in my 70's and probably not the smartest when it comes to computers. Regards

Re: 2D ST4 won't work on XP

Reading through the threads it appears that 2D solid edge has a lot of installation problems. It seems to be related to the free license. I have tried a number of times to install the program but I can't get it to run. I am now getting a message that I need a new license. But when I try to download a new license the link tries to download the same program I have just download 3 times now. There seems to be a license for ST3 but not ST4. I have just downloaded Draftsite 2D from solidworks and it runs fine.
Can anyone help with a new license for ST4 V10. I have been into the SELicense.dat file to see if I can alter the settings but I can't get the program to run. Regards Roger