2D or 3D cad for tool and die design?

So, what do you use? I am in the stamping industry. My boss uses a 2D program, Anvil, to design his dies. Anyone use SE? He is a dinosaur, so he only uses the ordered enviroment. I was thinking sync would be more useful if I was going to design a die in SE. I am not sure if it would be wise to use SE at all? I am undecided.


Re: 2D or 3D cad for tool and die design?

We utilize SE for our die design.
While most of the designs could function just fine in 2D, we still draw in 3D.
Ordered environment dominates most of the designs as we have been slow to change.
I am looking to investigate sync though.
Problem is, if someone not familiar with synchronous opens one of my drawings... there could be issues.
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Re: 2D or 3D cad for tool and die design?

Would you have any videos of the design of a prog die? I just did my first form die in SE and that was somewhat easy. I have a feeling it would be quite harder to do a prog die with the strip layout and all that. I want to say it would  be easier to do in 2D. I also found SYNC to be exteamly usefull when creating and editing an assembly. I thought ordered was a pain. Anyhow, any info or tips on designing a prog die would be fantastic.

Re: 2D or 3D cad for tool and die design?

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Here is a case study regarding a long time Solid Edge customer who does prog die:


Hope this helps.

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