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2D or View and Markup?

What is the best way to allow remote workers to dimension drawings made elsewhere with SE classic.


Our situation is this.  I create manufacturing drawings for our products and they get passed along to the welders/fabricators off-site.  There are times that I accidently omit measurements from my views that they need.  The only way for them to proceed is for them to contact me and have the drawing updated with the necessary measurements.  They have access to computers that are capable of running Solidedge 2D so I installed it for them hoping it would allow them to extract the dimensions themselves.  Unfortunately it seems a bit cumbersome.  Using view and markup doesn't seem helpful as they need to "calibrate raster" in order to measure and that’s not very accurate at all.  Instead I was hoping they could use the 2D package and use smart dimension or coordinate dimension themselves.  However it appears they can only measure to lines in my 3d crated views using "inspect" and that doesn't allow them to get more than one dimension at a time or even place the dimension without having it disappear.  They do not need to be able to save these drawings, simply get the dimensions from them.


Does anyone have any suggestions?




Re: 2D or View and Markup?

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


I suggest continuing with the 2D-Free route, and just send them your draft files as DWG.

Depending on your drawings, if they contain scaled [up or down] views, they will need to set up dimension styles with those scale factors matched to suit.





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