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2d Free instead of SE viewer?


i was wondering if this might be a better setup for use as a viewer as long
as users had read only acces to files.
will it continue to be an option in v20 - ?
basicaly if we start using it, and on version 20 + they drop it, will the
V19 free be able to "view" our current v 20+ files?
the viewer is seriously lacking for linked objects of other drawings
(they are no longer live, they dont read out sheet tab names, and you cant double
click into them to get to a sub assembly drawing that has more linked
I am hoping this SE Free might be a way to get past the veiwers
Koren Roy

Re: 2d Free instead of SE viewer?

Yes there will be a V20 2D Drafting software. We will continue to release
updates to 2D Drafting along with updates of Solid Edge into the foreseeable
future. As far as opening V20 Draft files in V19 2D Drafting, this will not
be possible. This is no different than trying to open V20 Solid Edge files
in V19 Solid Edge. But, you will be able to register for and install the
free V20 2D Drafting. It sounds like you are a current Solid Edge customer.
If you are, you may want to consider the maintenance version of 2D Drafting.
This software is intended to be used by existing customers with
installations of Solid Edge. The software is still free, but there is a
small maintenance charge for service pack updates and TAC support. With the
maintenance version you will get the same service pack updates that you get
with Solid Edge. There are no service pack updates for the free version of
2D Drafting. If you need more information on this, please send an email
directly to me and I can provide more info.
Rick B.