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2d model view, snapping to end point issue

In the 2D model view environment, how does the "maintain relationships" feature work ? At present a series of jointed lines are actually not jointed when i drag an end point and/or modify a dimension.

How do I set the environment up so that after I have drawn a serious of jointed lines I am then able to go back and drag the vertices of the lines and move any connected lines when they are connected.

Thanks in advance.

Re: 2d model view, snapping to end point issue

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When you have 'Maintain Relationships' ON the constraints will be added as
you place geometry.
To see the constraints, turn ON 'Relationship Handles'. It's the button just
below "Maintain Relationships'.
The constraints do not print.
If you place two lines with "Maintain relationships' OFF, the constraint
will not be placed.
Turn on 'Maintain Relationships' and use the 'Connect' command to connect
the ends of the two lines.
This will add the endpoint connect constraint to two unconnected lines.
Rick B.