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I was looking over the SW forum area and notice an old thread that talks about the SW 3-face blend function not working correctly. This was a back in 2011. Our beloved @MLombard even commented on it. Anyway the users were asking if this issue was resolved yet..nope not yet.

Anyway, does SE offer a 3-face blend (aka full round)? Just curious as I can't seem to find it. Sounds like a pretty simple and useful feature if not.


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Hi @RyanM,


Are you refering to a 3-Way tube/pipe this one? [made by way of surfacing tools]


Tube_Junction_3-Way [50mm].PNG

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Hi @RyanM


Do you have a link to the SW forum post, to visually know what the blend looks like ?

A detailed video on 'everything about blends in SE' is this one by Ally PLM:

[@ 21 minutes ]






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Hi @RyanM,


Solid Edge doesn't provide "direct" feature or option for this (If I understand clear your question). There is a "blend" option, but it works well with two surfaces.


I have little experience in VISI (parasolid based CAD/CAM system), it has a very strong surface functionality.


Here is a video what it can do with three surfaces:


Yes, it would be nice in Solid Edge for modelin plastic part.




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This is eaxctly what I thinking of for a 3-face blend. Basically it is a side, tangent, side blend. You do it most commonly on plastic injection molded parts that have ribs. In the video they show using it as a slot-type cutout. I'm not sure I'd use a calculation intense feature like that.


Here's the link to the SW forum thread.


This shows how their tool doesn't calculate a uniform curvagture across the 3 faces.


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Here's the NX version.


When I was chairing the NX Design and Assy SIG for PLM World this feature was one of the projects we workded directly with development and product managers with to design.

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NX is an other playground... But Solid Edge needs for some rethinking on this area... Smiley Wink