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3D Connexion Space Pilot - Auto Rotation



We have had a Space Pilot collecting dust since moving to Solid Edge as the auto rotation does not work as described by 3D connexion, you actually have to place a rotation centre each time you want to rotate an object about a point! This actually costs a huge amount of time trying to get the right point and really just doen't work well at all. 


In the 3D connexion help file it states the roatition point will be auto placed in the centre of your view in Solid Edge each time you go to rotate and this is exactly how it works in Solid Works. 


Has anyone had any experience or come across a fix for this issue? I have tried to contact 3D connexion but I have either received no response or a unhelpful scripted one and the SE support will shift the blame towards 3D connexion, could this be an issue with the SE API? If this is an issue with every 3D connexion device used in Solid Edge they should not be at the Solid edge university showcasing a product that isn't correctly integrated and working within the software, expecially not describing an "auto" rotate feature. 


Re: 3D Connexion Space Pilot - Auto Rotation

Sorry, I only ever had an issue that sounded like this when using only mouse and keyboard to rotate, not with the space pilot. I know this issue went away when using the keyboard/mouse combo if I did a fit window command. But other than that, I never had this issue with either my space pilot or my space pilot pro. Have you tried using an older driver version? I had to do this when using my Space Pilot since it was originally made for windows xp.

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Re: 3D Connexion Space Pilot - Auto Rotation

There's something wrong with your setup or settings - the 3D mouse should work as you think it should.


Go to the View tab and under the Orient group click the Rotate command button then immediately escape out - I've found that this sometimes the 3D mouse will get 'locked' on to rotating about a random edge or something and this resets it to behave as normal so it might work for you.


Otherwise, I'd make sure you have the latest 3D connexion driver and in the settings for it, make sure you have Auto Rotation Center checked. Note, the settings page will be different if you're in different applications so make sure you view the Solid Edge settings, not those for Chrome or some other application!

Re: 3D Connexion Space Pilot - Auto Rotation

Thanks for the suggestions Alex, unfortunately this hasn't fixed the problem and it is rather unclear what it is actually rotating about! You can still place a rotation point manually through the add-in to reset it.


Fortunately 3D connexion have escalated the case so hopefully I will here something back from them soon! I'll keep you posted. 




Re: 3D Connexion Space Pilot - Auto Rotation

Unfortunately I see this as well.

Create a long thin part that origins an the Base Reference Planes. Then zoom in to the other end. Does the 'auto rotation center' adapt to the View center for you the Alex_H?


Hopefully 3D Connexxion comes up with a solution.

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Re: 3D Connexion Space Pilot - Auto Rotation


I have just tried this test and the Auto Rotation Point isn't working for me.


Space Explorer


or my colleague


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This is how i set my 3D mouse up to enable me to rotate about a point.

Open solide edge then open your space mouse menu, selete buttons.

select which button you want to use for rotation about a point.

when asigned you will be able to select a rotation point by just clicking your chosen button, the screen will show a little cross air, just click where you want the rotatotion to be from and thats it.

Hope this helps it was the only way I could get my mouse to work with Auto rotationto a degree.


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Re: 3D Connexion Space Pilot - Auto Rotation

@Ulf_Eriksson in the case you describe, the auto rotation point appears to be roughly the geometric centre of the long thin body, rather than the base coord system or the far end when zoomed in.

Re: 3D Connexion Space Pilot - Auto Rotation

Created an account simply to thank you for getting my rotate "un-stuck."

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When I installed Space Explorer, it added a menu selection 'Add Ins' to Solid Edge in all enviroments.

In that menu there is a selection '3D control'

I have added that command to my Quick Access menu, it is under Choose Command From - All Commands - Pick Rotation Point.

Some of the assemblies I work with are several feet long due to wire length, but main part is only an inch or two on either end. Being able to quickly reset rotation point where I want it to rotate around end I am working on is better than an Auto Center point choice.


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