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The company i work for have bought a 3d scanner for Ipad ( and asked if i could look into getting it working. 


Has any one had experience of importing 3d scanned objects into SolidEdge, or if it is even possible? 


I have done some reading and apparently the 3d scanned file has the file extension .obj and i need to download an add on for solidedge that imports this file type. 


If anyone has done this or similar please could you share your knowledge as i could do with a few pointers.


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This has been a problem forever, and there is no simple tool that I know of. There are programs out there that will convert MESH data into a Solid Model but they're expensive. I have tried dozens on FREE and even inexpensive tools over the years, but none really save much of the time and Hassle. Solid Edge will open an STL file but the data is pretty much useless unless you're willing to spen your life converting it.


You should try using Rhino.


They have a very generous Trial version that limits saves to 25 and 90 days, but it is the full version, so all the tools are there. I've had my most successful luck in getting what I need over the years with the Rhino Evaluation Copy.


I wish I could be more specific, but without seeing what you're trying to do it's tough. Post the file you're looking to convert, and I'm sure someone here can offer better direction.





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There is also the freeware listed in Matt's recent blog post, to get the file through a chain of translators and into Solid Edge:


You have to ask yourself, with all the effort you're going to expend, if things you're scanning with the Ipad scanner are worth the trouble.

-Dylan Gondyke

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Thanks for your replies i really appreciate them.
It seems to me that the 3D scanning side of things really hasn't got to a level which would be fully beneficial.
As you quite rightly state Dylan, by the time i have messed around trying to get this to work each time, it would be quicker to measure the component and model the part manually.

thanks for your help Bob & Dylan.


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You may find the software at useful. We have started looking at how Geomagic Design X works.
I haven't seen any other tools that would allow you to create a history based editable feature tree. They don't specifically list Solid Edge as an output option, but it might be worth calling them to see if "and others." includes SE.