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3D Sketch Fully Constrained?

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So in the part environment when a sketch is "fully constrained" the line will change to black from the standard blue of an un constrained line.  Your colors may differ but none the less there is an indicator to let you know the line is constrained.  I'm in the process of doing a simple frame in a 3D sketch and no matter how many constraints I put on the line, it does not change color to show that it is constrained.  Is there a way to change settings to do this?

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‎05-24-2017 09:53 AM

Re: 3D Sketch Fully Constrained?

I do not beleive that 3D sketch supports "Relationship Colors" at this time.


Note that the 3D Sketch is sort of a mini environemnt in and of itself.  Note that you have to "Close 3D Sketch" to return to the modeling environment.


When we are "in" the 3D Sketch "mode" the "Relationship Colors" command is not even exposed.


Unless i'm just flat wrong here.  i suggest submitting an ER in this regard.


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Re: 3D Sketch Fully Constrained?

You are correct.  The 3D sketch environment does not support colors.  It also does not support construction lines (that i can fined anyway).  Those were two things about the 3D sketch environment or solidworks that I really liked along with some other constraints (along x, along y, along z were some).  


How do I submit an ER to Solid Edge?

Re: 3D Sketch Fully Constrained?

Assuming you are on maintenance:

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Re: 3D Sketch Fully Constrained?

I wish this wasn't marked as a "solution" I got all excited when I saw title and a green check mark!

I believe this was brought up at SEU this past year? I'd love to some sort of option to know that it's full constrained, Right now I just keep adding dimensions until one turns blue (non-driving)

Re: 3D Sketch Fully Constrained?

Sorry to get you all excited for no reason Smiley Happy Sounds like i'll have to get in touch with our supplier to get the information so I can submit a what ever he called it.


i do the same thing with dimensions until they turn blue but also try to drag the points and see if they move.  Sometimes in a bigger sketch within another assembly it takes a while for stuff on my little computer to catch up so that's  not a great solution.  Even a "fix" constraint like in the 2d environment would be nice.


This is WAY better than the last inventor 3D sketch environment I worked in but not quite as nice as the solidworks that i've used.