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3D Sketching Feedback

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hello Edgers,


We introduced 3D Sketching in ST7. I hope you had an opportunity to review it and use it in your design.


I wanted to get your feedback on the following:

  1. Do you use 3D Sketches in your design?
    • If yes, for what purpose do you use it? E.g., Frame Design, Pipe Routing, Surfacing, Assembly Modeling etc…
    • If no, what’s preventing you from using it?
  2. Any enhancements that you’d like to suggest to make it better.


I’d appreciate if you could send me a personal email at with the above information and anything else that you may want to add. If needed, we could discuss it further over emails and calls.


And finally, many thanks to everyone who have already provided feedback on 3D Sketching. The feedback is very helpful.



Sandeep Mamdapur

Solid Edge Product Design


Re: 3D Sketching Feedback

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I have attempted to use it a few time, each time it was faster to go back to multiple 2D sketch rather than fumble through the learning curve of 3D sketches. Every time I want a 3D sketch, I just need a resizable wireframe box. I have yet to try using the new 3D box as the wires for a 3D frame design.

Re: 3D Sketching Feedback


I've had a play but not used it on a job yet.

Looked good until I came to dimension non-orthogonal elements that had a filleted corner.

There is no way to dimension to the intersection other than adding another bit of line and constraining the end point onto the other 2 lines.

At least could we have a point element that we can use at the intersection (as in 2D sketch).


Could we also have sketch relationship colours so that we know when the sketch is fully constrained.

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Re: 3D Sketching Feedback


I have used it about 3 times while designing a frame.

It is cumbersome, and hard to re-size the sketch.

Attempting to manipulate the sketch using dimensions does not always produce the desired result.

In the end, I too just switched to a combination of 2D sketches which were far easier to modify.


I also concur on the desire to add a "constrained color"

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Re: 3D Sketching Feedback

I have used a few time and always found it kinda slow.

I used it once to drive a frame (pit bike frame) and I found that editing it throu dimension often got strange result \ loose of constrains.

So the area to improve in my opinion are: speed and reliable results.

What affect most the speed I think is something due to visualization, there is a lot of refresh that makes the screen flicker.

And yes I do use an nVidia Quadro card.