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3D print, Solidedge & STL files


With the majority of the 3D print world using .STL files, will there be a "shift" of sorts to enable Solidedge to directly edit these file types? With the reverse engineering world already able to output .STL from a laser scanners point cloud mesh, which is a much quicker output than creating nurbs surfaces that just may need to be edited in CAD anyways, I'd see a need for the ability to edit them directly in CAD.  There's quite a few free "CAD" programs for hobby type 3D printer folks to open .stl files, convert them and resave to print again. I'll be trying a few out in the next few weeks as I just purchased a Lulzbot printer, while it is more of the "hobby" type There's no reason i should have to use a hobby type CAD system to edit models.


I've dealt with the reverse engineering .STL files being "dumb" and eyeball drawing over them to create a part, but now 3D print files use them, and without another program you can't edit them..


Re: 3D print, Solidedge & STL files


At Solid Edge University UK last month, in a round table session, Dan Staples said they were working on this kind of functionality though he didn't go into details on specific functions or anything.


He said it would not be ready for ST9 release, but was potentially available to Beta test as a plug-in if you go through your reseller. 

Re: 3D print, Solidedge & STL files

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