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3D printing (off topic)




We would like to invest in a 3D FDM printer (Since SLS is to expensive) and are looking at f.i.;

Raise 3D N@ Plus Dual Extruder

Ultimaker 3 Extended


Budget is approx. 4 - $5000.


Anyone out there who is using 3D printers and willing to give some advice ?


Kind Regards,



Jan Bos




Re: 3D printing (off topic)


I have a Makerbot Replicator 2 (quite old model now) which I like, but I think if I was buying now, I would go for the Ultimaker - seems to get very good reviews/feedback from users.


I have also bought and highly recommend Simplify3D software to do the model slicing and g-code generation. It is machine independant (or at least works with pretty much every commercial machine) and gives you more tweaking ability!

Re: 3D printing (off topic)




All depends of what you are going to do with the printer.

Are you going to print large parts, small parts ?

Is accuracy important or not ?

Do you want to print many different materials or not ?

And so on...


I have a ABS printer the Zortrax M200.

Great printer, but don't forget this, all these printers are hobby or semi professinal printers.

And don't have controlled heated chambers and so on to make a perfect part first time right.

Oh and yes they can make perfect parts if the part is not to big and have irregular shapes from start to finish.(Like figurines) But if you want to print parts that needs to fit somewhere then it can be a challenge.

sometimes.(Think about shrinkage...)

So if you want to buy a semi prof printer then I would advice you to let all competitors print the same part

with same settings and decide after some tests what printer is best for you.

Another thing - Opensource is not always equivalent with quality.

What I like the most of Zortrax is that they are persistent.

And their print profiles do work on most of the parts I print. But sometimes the orientation of the part can be critical....

Calculate at least a few month's to half a year before you have learned all tricks and tweaking secrets. Because mostly you are on your own. But sometimes you can find info on the www-net.

On the other hand I can say that 3D printing WILL change the way you think and design in the future.

Really sometimes I think I would never dare to a make part this way or that way in the CLASSIC environment, but with my printer I have printed parts where most of you would think NO WAY !



Here's an example of someone who printed his own designed motorcycle with the Zortrax


So if you have printed parts as many as he has done you will be a legend like you are on this forum Smiley Happy




Good luck with your new machine

Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge ST6 user !!!!

Re: 3D printing (off topic)

Thanks for the info Dirk.