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3D sketch projected dims?

How can I set a dimension between two parallel lines in 3 space?  All I can manage to do is get a dimension between two points.  If two lines are parallel, floating around in space, it should be possible to set a distance between them.  I’m sure I can do this, I’ve done it before and cannot find it now.


Where this comes to play for example is a tube/wire with offset.  I want my sketch to have radiused corners that create a part that matches our tooling and the only way I could figure how to hold the offset was to put work points at the intersection.  Why does “distance between” command not accept intersection points like it does in 2D?


In the screen clip below the .586 dim was all I could get and that is a useless dimension in this case.  Adding the points which was the only way I could get the .375"  I looked around and found this helpful artical, that differentiated between "true" and "projected" distance between.  trouble is I just cannot figure out how to get the projected option.


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Betreff: 3D sketch projected dims?

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Hi @bnemec




if all the other dimension types will not work so simply use "Use Dimension Axis

This will You give the option to define Your dimension direction using any line/axis/edge and therefore Your dim afterwards will point into the right direction.





Normally the Dimension between 2 Points orientates the dim to the first line, if You select a line first.

But I have checked it and seen that it doesn't work in 3D with 3D sketch elements.




Betreff: 3D sketch projected dims?


   Thank you, I was trying the different options, but missed the button to select axis.  I'm not sure that is working to get the distance bewteen the two lines.  The dims are projected from one of the base planes (the plane normal to Y) and still not acually alligned with the lines and therefore not creating a true distance of 60mm between them.  When those lines are projected onto that plane they are 60mm apart, but if I put a sketch on the plane that those two lines are on and dimension between them it is actually 62.26 between them.


I don't know.  Maybe I'm doing my 3D sketching wrong. 



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Betreff: 3D sketch projected dims?

Hi @bnemec




OK, supposing Your 3D lines are really somewhere in space.

Then - and meybe there is a better way to achieve the right solution - but this one will work anyway.

Ok, then You have to create a plane using 3 point to get the dim plane for Your wanted dimension.


This plane now can be used as dimension plane using the highlighted plane button

Together with the "Use Axis" dimension You will get the wanted dim, or even You can use a smart dimension too.

Due to the fact that You use this plane YOu can create a horicontal/vertical dimension instead.

Plane reference creates the appropriate horicontal/vertical alignment.





Betreff: 3D sketch projected dims?

I think I need to work through some SE 3D sketch how-to's.  I was used to Inventor 3D sketches, I need to forget how that was set up, and learn how SE does it.  I cannot get any useful dimensions.


I'm running into other problems too.  let's say a long peice of tube with legs off both ends, using the line between the two legs as an axis I want to set the angle from one leg to another.  Can't do it because the two lines aren't co-planer.  I'll be creating a bunch more planes as a work around agian, sounds like 2d sketching all over.  The big gain for me is still keeping it all in one sketch to prevent parent/child dependencies of using multiple 2d sketches.


Thank you for the help @hawcad