3D stereo view in Solid Edge

Hello Edgers,

one of my customer asks if it is possible to view 3D models in Solid Edge directly in graphics area in 3D stereoscopic view.

I found only one solution, which should work with ST5. With ST9 I am unable to set this up.

The solution is called moreStereo3D (link).

Dou you have any experience with this or there are other ways how to achive this? I tried some googling, but found nothing usable.

Thanks a lot.




Re: 3D stereo view in Solid Edge

First I visited our Solid Edge APPs page and do not see them listed.  On their website they have Siemens FEMAP & NX listed, but not Solid Edge.  I also spoke with one of our developers about this and he told me that Solid Edge does not support the sterioscopic.  It may have run at one time, but I do not think this works any longer.  Hope this helps!

Mark D. Thompson
Application Engineer, Global Technical Business Development
Mainstream Engineering

Re: 3D stereo view in Solid Edge

Hi Mark,

thanks for you answer.

I tried contact moreStereo3D support directly last week, but no response since then.