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If you created a co-axial sketch and place a dimension on that line. Should it stay locked in place and the line change colour to Black to show its fixed?

I'm having some issues with this today. I'm trying to create a pigtail tube that comes out of a compressor at a 15° angle through a small bend and then loops round into a horizontal tube.


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...oh, sorry, I didn't pay attention to the 3d sketch part. I don't think relationship colors work the same in 3D sketches.

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This is one of the reasons people don't use 3D sketches much.


In ordered 2D sketches, I have found it to be paramount to completely nail down every sketch. I use relation colors and edit every single sketch until it's black. It would be nice of 3D sketches, and Sync parts all worked the same way.


We need feedback to know when a part, sketch, whatever, is fully specified.

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In my opinion, people don't use 3D sketch much because it's still only a couple of releases old, there's not a lot of "public domain" type examples out there that deal with 3D sketches, because conceptually 3D is more complicated than 2D, and because the call for 2D sketching is much more prevalent.


I don't think most SE users use the relationship colors stuff as much as people from other packages. And Synchronous users certainly don't. I do agree it would be nice to have 2D and 3D work the same in this respect, but I have a feeling that this kind of thing is secondary after sketch functionality.


I have used 3D sketches in general for a lot of stuff, and I was one pushing for the new functions. Still, I see that they have much more reason to exist in Ordered modeling than in Synchronous.


Also, I used 3D sketch a lot in complex shape modeling. SE is good at shapes and surfacing, but it's not a primary focus.


I can envision CAD where there is no such thing as a 2D sketch, and everything is driven by a single 3D sketch. Because sketches themselves are not history-based, that would be a great way to bridge the gap between Ordered and Synchronous.

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My main gripe with 3D sketch is not having tha ablility to create a spline.  I end up having to use Keypoint curve, but I wish there was a 3D spline option.

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