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64-bit Solid Edge Version



Just installed Solid Edge student edition and noticed that you are able to change the URL to download the appropriate version of ST4 (32 or 64bit). File size is a little bigger for x64 (2.5GB), but hopefully the extra RAM utilization will help out my larger assemblies.

Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, just wanted to pass along helpful info.


Re: 64-bit Solid Edge Version

i installed 32 bit version, but was unable to license it , the utility for licensing didnt start for me ( kept on saying application already in use and so on... i tried restarting computer and reinstalling the software !! none helped... ) please comment on that and for now... i think i will install 64 bit rather...
kindly post the link for 64 bit version Smiley Happy

Re: 64-bit Solid Edge Version

how to get 64 bit setup