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A Step By Step Build

PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor
PLM World Member Valued Contributor

This Build Is Designed With Mother Nature In Mind... With This Build There Was To Be A Six Sided Hexagon Honey Comb, But Ended Up Being A Twelve Sided Dodecagon. A Dodecagon Is A Type Of Polygon.

As You Will See The Posts Which Are 6x6 Treated Post Or 5.5x5.5 in. Actual... Are Set To The True North Compass Heading As To The Image Of A Green Paint. Also, To The North You Will See A Set Of Rectangles That Is North Respectively, The Very First Elongated Rectangle Is True North.


All Boards Are 2x8 Treated Boards Or 1.5x7.5 in. Actual. The Center Is A .25 Thick x 29.5 in. Circumference Plate Steel... Which Is Setting On Top Of A Tree Stump.

Looking To The East Or Right Where You Are Sitting... There Is An Orange Steel Plate I Used As A Stitch To Go Past The Rotten Stump Which I Thought I Could You Use Post: At That Point I Needed to Engineer The Whole Build This Is Why The 6 Sided Could Not Be Used. Instead Going To 12 Sided.


24 ea 6x6 Posts... Appox. 35 ea. 2x8x16 Treated Boards  10 Sheets Of .5 Plywood

Used Appox. 25 lbs. Of 4 in Deck Screws 8 lbs Of 2.5 in Deck Screws 


With The Image Of The Tower On Top Of The Build... Is To Be My Way Of Using A Benchmark Similar To Surveying Use While Building Other Work Site. Post: Every Morning I Would Take A Measurement Of The Tower Ti Start My Day Out.

The Measurement On The Tower Is The Height 61.375 in. And The Side Measurement 7.711 in. Is My Offset Measurement 

All Of My Builds Are Offset By 7.711 in. Not 0°


Post: Granted This Information Is Alot To Take In... This Is What I Did

By Learning Via. The Internet And The Dictionary And My Gut


Thank You 

Gregory Lee Crouse