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A couple of dialog box issues


These have been going on for several service packs, although I cannot pinpoint which ones or when specifically they started except that they started at different times so I don't think they are related; now that I have a few minutes I thought I'd ask the collective if they have encountered these and if they know of a fix. I'm using Win7, ST8 MP08


Issue 1. Error dialog is MIA

The errors dialog is nowhere to be found when the "errors" button is clicked; it stays selected as if it's working properly, I'm wondering if its off-screen somewhere? 



Issue 2: The Insert Part Copy dialog is undersized, I cannot click-n-drag the edges to resize it, any ideas?



Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.


Re: A couple of dialog box issues


Have you tried adjusting your DPI settings?


If not a DPI or resolution adjustment, you can find programs online that allow you to resize unresizable windows.

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Re: A couple of dialog box issues

I tried to change the DPI, but no luck; I didn't think this would be the issue because its only the one dialog that is undersized and it seemed that a DPI change would affect everything. I found a window resizing utility that did the trick; thank you for that suggestion.
My "errors" dialog was indeed opening off screen and it was a simple procedure to return it to our plane of existence.
Thank you for your time.