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A little Solid Edge forum nostalgia story

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Today I decided to search my name in the Forum to see when my first post had occurred. I remember when the forum was mostly text with none of the glitz and glam we see today. To my surprise my first post was on February of 2003. I had just finished attending my first Solid Edge user summit in Orlando and was part of the Solid Edge sheet metal special interest group. 


Sheet metal modeling is what I have been specializing in with Solid Edge while working for 2 different companies. It amazes me how far the sheet metal module has come since my first post and how posts I have made over the years has helped with the enhancement of the sheet metal environment. I remember posting word documents in Solid Edge binaries section of the forum. (It would be nice to access this archive to view some of my old binary posts)


I don't post as much as I used to. I guess my time is a little more occupied since now I do more than just CAD within the company.


Looking forward to continue evolution of Solid Edge and this forum. 


I liked to hear your Solid Edge forum story.


Bryan Lagrange