I have noticed something going on sinse switching to ST7 while trying to assemble parts in the assembly environment That is really frustrating! When I go to click on my three standard faces to finish a relationship I notice my mouse cursor jittering/jogging back to the starting origin when trying to click the second face to finish one of the relationships. 

Its driving me crazy because im fast (mouse clickie) with the mouse, and my cursor is already on the second face before it joggs back to the first face. 

I would like a clean and smooth mouse transition when going from face to face when finishing a relationship.

Has anyone noticed or had this issue??? Maybe its something different on my end. Help please!!



Re: ASSEMBLE RELATIONSHIP- mouse jitter ???

Do you have a video of this behavior?

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: ASSEMBLE RELATIONSHIP- mouse jitter ???

(view in My Videos)

Re: ASSEMBLE RELATIONSHIP- mouse jitter ???

Watch carefully on the second and third relationships that I apply. You will see the cursor jog back for a split second. Might not seem like a big deal.....I have been trying to ignore this for a long time, but in essense over time is a real time killer. I wouldnt consider my assemblies large by any means but 40-50-60 parts per assembly/3 relationships per part/100's of assemblies=lots of clicking.

Maybe this has some positive use when applying relationships that I'm not grasping but is such a pain for me.

I am very curious if any other users have or are experiencing this!?!?!?!?

Re: ASSEMBLE RELATIONSHIP- mouse jitter ???

What graphics card are you using, and have you updated the driver when you installed ST7?

Ken Grundey
Production: ST9 MP6
Testing: ST10

Re: ASSEMBLE RELATIONSHIP- mouse jitter ???

Ken, I am running an ATI FireGL V8650 card. I have never manually updated the driver, could this be the issue??

I will attempt to update the driver and see if I notice a change!!!

Re: ASSEMBLE RELATIONSHIP- mouse jitter ???

I updated my card and that did not fix the issue, my mouse is stil jogging back ?????Smiley Mad

I hope there is a correction for this...

Re: ASSEMBLE RELATIONSHIP- mouse jitter ???

I've seen this also but I wasn't sure if it was me or SE that accidentally moved the mouse cursor.

Because that happen so quick, it's very difficult to try to establish a "step to reproduce" to be able to help GTAC.

My graphics card is an nVidia Quadro 2000, driver 320.92, Win 7 x64



Michel Corriveau


Re: ASSEMBLE RELATIONSHIP- mouse jitter ???

Now that I have updated the drivers for my video card. Now my ORIGINAL prolem is no more my priority when I open a model assembly my custom materials (colors) are not showing. All the parts are greyed out like the material link is broken.....only it isnt bc when i go to view styles, click on my custom color and modify "to re-link the coor" it is showing that its still linked????? My other co-workers can open the same thing and all colors/materials are showing correctly. So a brief update.....I installed updated drivers for my video card and now my material "colors" are not showing in my assemblies/parts!?!?!?! This whole issue is cascading into something out of control and I cannot find a fix for either problem. Any good ideas out there???

Re: ASSEMBLE RELATIONSHIP- mouse jitter ???

About the original problem: is the perspective view turned off ? In the video it seem there is a bit of perspective view and this cause a lot of problem like the one in the video.

About your new problem I would first clean all the temporary files with Solid Edge closed. If it doesn't work I would try to clean the registry about the "CURRENT USER". If all of that doesn't work I would try to re-install Solid Edge.

Going back at previous Driver version would be a try as well if all of the above doesn't work.