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About Harness Module

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always thank you Smiley Happy I'm sorry for the same question (I have deleted previous Question+added) about Wire Harness. Q1. I can't control bluedot's first dot. I wanted to draw paths and adjust it later. but the command(path) ends, I can't adjust it. Q2. when I created some wires with Harness Wizard, and deleted particular wires, can I restore it? (except:undo) Q3. when I deleted Bundles or Cables, the wire included is dissappear. I want to delete Cables or Bundles, not Wires.
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‎01-27-2016 06:18 AM

Re: About Harness Module

Answer for Q3: when you right-click on a bundle or cable (in the assembly tree), there are 2 different deletion commands in the menu. One of those 2 commands will remove the bundle/cable without deleting the wires.