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Re: Accurate colors?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thanks for all the replies on this.  I hadn't considered calibrating my monitor, but that makes sense.  If it's off, that would explain why colors aren't matching.  So certainly the place to start. To properly calibrate it, looks like I will need some additional items (color chart or colorimeter).  I also do photography, so these would be a worthwhile investment.


Another area I would to improve is entering custom colors.  Entering RGB values for every color I want to look at is very tedious, especially when there are dozens.  Is the anyway to enter a whole pallet into SE at once (maybe by reading a table with the values)?  Is this something keyshot would simplify?  If so, I may set up a trial to test it out (too bad SE Foundation doesn't include it).


Thanks again for the help!