Add break lines problem

I am working on a vehicle chassis and piping routing on it.

I wish to apply break lines only on chassis so that piping routing would become visible at that "sectioned or add break line view"


See Image for what I am looking for


Is there any option or trick to do so..


Also is there any way that I apply add break line on my view and only some parts of it "breaks" and other remains same...??


Re: Add break lines problem

To view piping or any other components after a section view can be done via view properties.

See the video below.

(view in My Videos)

For sowing parts that are between break lines, I have never find an option to show parts that are between two break lines. I don't even see the reason to do so.

Daniël Schuiling

Re: Add break lines problem

Thanks for your reply. 

how to section Isometric view..??

and can I section any view with non linear element/curve..??



Re: Add break lines problem

To section a ISO view works the same, but I think you can better use Broken out section view (there you can use the curves). You can also use independant detail views so you can give some items a hidden line (like your example) and others a texture.

A nice tip is to use Model Views, there you can do what ever you want.


If it is not clear of you miss some information, please let me know.

Daniël Schuiling

Re: Add break lines problem

You could also us "Section" in the model and turn it on or off in the drawing views if everything else doesn't work out.

Re: Add break lines problem

I'm with JRamsey.  I prefer the use of sections in the model vs. broken out section views in draft. I find them easier to control.



Kyle Joiner