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Adding Area text

I'm a new user and understand how to calculate the area of an object. In this case a simlpe rectangle. The question is how do I add the area label to the drawing without having to create a text box to type the value in.


Re: Adding Area text

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
I assume you have actually used the Area command to create the area, not the fill command to create a fill with hatch. The look similar. The area will have coordinate systems as part of the display. Fill will not.

When you create an area, the properties of the area will be added to the the variable table. To see these click on the Tools tab at the top and then click on Variables. You will see many variables here. Dimensions are variables. Scroll down until you see something like 'A632_Area'. This is the variable name for the area of an area object.

What you need to do is to create a callout, not a text box.
Click on the Callout command.
There is a button on the Callout General tab for Property Text. Click on it.
This will display the Select Property Text dialog.
Change the combo box at the top to 'Variables from active document'.
In the list of variables you should see all the properties of the area you placed. One of those is something like 'A632_Area'. The number may be different.
Click on that property.
Click the Select button.
Click the OK button to return to the callout.
You will see the formatted string to extract the area. You will also see a preview with the area value displayed.
Click OK.
Place the callout
Turn off the leader display.
If you change the geometry to change the area, the callout will update accordingly.

Rick B.

Re: Adding Area text

That worked, thanks for the assistance