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Adjustable Parts

I have come across instances where one or more assembly variables linked to adjustable part variables do not update correctly.  If I open up the adjustable part and enter in the exact same values in the part table as I do in the assembly table, it will update correctly.  If I then change the part values back, sometimes it will work and other times it fails again.  It's as if some of the variables are not actually linked together even if it says they are.


Has anybody else had similar issues?  Any advice?

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Adjustable Parts



I have many models that are ordered sheet metal and driven by plane postions. After editing any of the parts, the relations tend to break down until reloaded. With a freshly opened file, everything updates.


This started happening in ST7 where this did not happen in ST6. Somewhere in the update the way the program updates things is no where near as robust. 


The updates only work all the time if there are one or two relations to track. Once you get more than a simple relation, things start to break down and not be stable.


This has also forced me to take extra steps when adding parts to models with relations. If the model is in a postion where it will not update. this also put a model into a position where mating can move a part that is already 100% positioned. To overcome this, I use a temporary grounding of the part that is not suposed to move to begin with.

Re: Adjustable Parts

Well gee, I'm still running ST6, so I better hold off then.  It feels like I have to "prove" to Solid Edge that the part can update by opening up the part myself and changing the parameters.  Unfortunately, in the last case it actually goes back to updating wrong if I change the master part back again. 


I hope the Solid Edge folks address some of these issues which make existing features sometimes unusable.  I've used other CAD softwares too and with every new release, they add new features which seem impressive in a demonstration, but contain many holes in practical use.  I wouldn't mind a new software release where they just say, "hey guys, we fixed a bunch of sh$t!"

Re: Adjustable Parts

After reading your comment about relations involving plane positions breaking down, I restructured my part to replace any relationships involving external planes or sketches with dimensions contained within a feature's sketch.  I utilized more variables and formulas to drive dimensions instead of dimensioning to external planes or sketches.  It FINALLY seems to update correctly, with all of the adjustable part variables now acting independently from the base part.  Thank you 12GAGE for your response.