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Adjustable assemblies - variable table


Hi there,


we use for our machine assemblies teh adjustable functions to move all the components as slides, heads, rolles, tables... and so on. For each position of the whole NC machine we must save a set of user defined variables manully to excel. And the handlig of the variable table itself is not handy since years. So from our point of view Siemens should improove the variable table to get  a solution. I have added a exampe picture how I mean it shout look in the future.

That will make everything easier, and allows to save sets of variable groups for different positions of the machine.




Re: Adjustable assemblies - variable table

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

SolidMan, that indeed is a very great layout.

Appears sort of pivot table to me.

When more people start taking the variable table seriously and demand for such features, Solid Edge will eventually enhance it.




Re: Adjustable assemblies - variable table

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I have placed many request regarding the variable table:

1. The ability to use a variable within any single cell of a table

2. String math for any variable (like what can be done with document name formula)

3. The ability to display item number and document name formula in draft


The variable issues I have yet to submit:

A. The ability to make a smaller organized variable window for the purpose of having a window with only design inputs. FOP/FOA switches should also be allowed here

B. The ability to link, copy, and paste more than one variable at a time.


There are many more I just can't remember right now.