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Adjustable part in Family of assemblies


I am using adjustable parts in a family of assemblies and the part has a design body with a hole pattern that I need to place some bolts.


the problem I have is that I can not select the hole patter with the part is placed as adjustable, if I place it as ridgide it works.


or i can do the pattern while I have the rigide part added and after I make the part adjustable I can only make it for both assemblies not for the individual members with a different variable.


has anyone else encountered this ?


Re: Adjustable part in Family of assemblies

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

You are using a buggy feature in an other buggy feature.

Sorry, I suppose that's not the answer you need, but it's just like that...

Solid Edge 2019 & AutoCAD 2019 user

Re: Adjustable part in Family of assemblies

individually they seem to work fine ... together they behave strangely

Re: Adjustable part in Family of assemblies


the test was made with a part that has a construction body to pattern another part over it without having the actual phisical feature on it, what is adjustable has nothing to do with the construction body


I sort of managed ot get it working:

1. add the part as a non adjstable part

2. create the 2nd member

3. surpress the non adjustable part and add the it again as adjustable

4. go in the first member and remove the adjustable part that has appeared here as well

5. check the position of the part in the 2nd member (here is a very strange fenomenon where it just wonders off from it's original position even though it is grounded)

6. go the the first member and check  "apply to all members"

7. add the new part constrain it using the construction body from the non adjustable part and pater it using the same construction body, this will add the part and pattern on the 2nd member although it seem to be unconstraint there but I've tested and it moves together with any edit to the original construction body