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Can anyone help me to understand the difference between 'Adjust like a spring ' & 'Adjust to fit'? 




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Adjust like a spring

This option uses the variable created by measuring a distance to adjust the length of the corresponding variable in the part or sheet metal document. The position of the parts attached to the adjustable part determines the length of the variable defining the distance.

Adjust to fit and allow assembly relationships

This option uses the variable created by the measurement to change the length of the adjustable part and reposition parts within the assembly that are not constrained. The length of the variable defining the adjustable part length is used to position the unconstrained parts connected to the adjustable part.

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In general, the adjust like a spring stretches the entire part along an axis.


The other version I have not had much luck with trying to use and resorted to use planes to control the size of parts.

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Just to note that adjust to fit can be determined by angle as well as distance. I use angle often for hinges. Also use distance for rod extension on cylinders.

Bruce Shand
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Here is a short video:

The main difference is that you can move underconstrained parts at "Adjust like a spring" and "spring" will be updated while you can not move directly at others, but you may add assy relationships... The second is very similar to Inventors' adaptive part...