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I would like to create an adjustable part, but not the way any of the training vidio's show or anybody has actually talked about.


The concept of very simple. Let's say we have a 1/4" x 3" flat bar "L" inches long with a hole at 1" from each end.


When that part is inserted then the two holes at the ends are mated, the length of the part changes to satisfy the mate relationships. If one of the mate relation changes, so does the part length.


To me, this is an "adjustable part"


Has anybody ever created a part this way?


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Some time ago I believe that I covered this in depth in one of my Solid Edge Clinic videos.

At 27 minutes into the video you will see how I did what you want with a spring.

YouTube video is here




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This video can help you:




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That vidio is like all the rest, it's about parts that adjust like springs. I want a part that change one dimension (length) but everything else about the part does not change (like hole locations relative to ends).

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Here is a simple step by step example:


I hope this will help!




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Thanks for the vids everybody. The last one was simple enough to understand. They are all based on linking variables. I'm trying to avoid is adding more links between files. I was hopeing for a way to drive a part from the mate relationships without getting variable links involved.


The end goal is to be able to use a single part in multiple assemblies at varius sizes. If the part it replaced, no secondairy editing of variables would then be required. and multiple assemblies with that part could be updated like a static part. The replace part command will repair relationships but not variable links.

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Adjustable parts will do exactly what you desire, and without interdocument variable links. You can have the same part placed multiple times in one or more assemblies with different effective geometries.

We do not currently have a way for parts to adjust their geometry based on just the mate or other geometries in assembly.The way adjustable parts work in Solid Edge is by assigning an assembly variable value to the part's adjustable definition.

(Read at your own risk) Under the hood, the specific occurrence's part model gets computed on the fly using the assigned assembly variable values and the resultant model 'overrides' the body geometry in the context of the assembly.

Aditya Gurushankar
Manager, Solid Edge Planning

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Great overview Aditya,

1. Mates can't be used to adjust parts (what I was hoping for)

2. Inter part links not required

3. Hmm without inter part links, I must assume you are partially
defining the part within the context of an assembly, and you are using
assembly variable do to the work. So inter assembly links would be required.

To accomplish this, then the part must be under defined during creation

What I do now, I call the parametric box method. I create assembly driven
part starting with plane projections. The is excellent for most of my
applications but some part I would like to be able to reuse without creating
it in assembly context.

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When you create an "adjustable" part, you have to define a variable (or variables) in your part that the assembly will use to define it's size. That variable is then used to map the Assy variable to which then defines a new size value for the part instance which adjusts it's body copy contained in the assembly. This is associative to the Part you created so if it changes, the adjustable part body also updates.


So the process for the link example would be:

  1. Model part and fully define it with dims
  2. Use the Adjustable Part command to turn it into one.
  3. Specifiy the dimension that will be used to update the geometries size (you should be able to change it in your part and everything updates correctly)
  4. Place the part in your assy and choose adjustable option.
  5. Assign the assy variable that will drive the variable you assigned when you created the adjustable part. 
Ken Grundey
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