Adjustable parts to give units needed in BOM report?

I've got a gasket that I'm putting in an assembly, and this gasket is an adjustable .par file, so I don't have to make individual files for all instances. How in the world do I get my input for the length to come out on my BOM report? Currently, I have to take each instance of that adjustable part in my assembly, and set the occurances to how much (length in FT) used. I would hope there was an intelligent way to make this all work properly, without having to manually set the occurances in the individual components.


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Are you talking about something like a length of cord like material that would come off of a roll?  So you have some profile shown in the models, where many models have various lengths and shapes all using the same purchased gasket stock?

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Yes. The profile of the gasket is modeled, it's set as an adjustable part, and you choose the variable that adjusts, this being the length of the part. When you put that part into your assembly, you tell it the length you want it to be, and it adjusts to that size. You can do that over, and over, and over, within an assembly, each one has it's own variable setting for length. You then get your bom report showing just that gasket part number, and a quantity, but it just gives unit of one for each instance in your model, unless you go and set the occurance of each instance to how many feet.


Sorry for the long explanation, your question came across as you not really sure what an adjustable part was. My mistake if I interpreted wrong.......

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I'm not using complex shapes, but for linear stuff like tube cut lengths I use the variable "L" then display L for every part in the parts list. Only parts that actually contain "L" show up. (variable exposure required)


So in your case, you may need to add up a bunch of segments to be come "L"


I have the parts list set up so that "L" or Cut_X or frame cut length all show up under the Cut 1 column. All are formatted, but each part only contains one of the variables if it applies.

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I don't understand how your approach would have anything to do with my situation. I have one part file on my network, but whenever I put that part into my assembly, I can adjust the size I want it to be. I use BOM reports, and I need my report to state how many total units of that part are needed. I currently have to set the occurances of each part in my assembly (even though they all are identical part files).


But I'm not expert, just looking to see how to get my adjustable parts to report correctly on bom reports without having to set each one.

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So, nobody uses adjustable parts?

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I use adjustable parts but only for positioning, like a cylinder or clamp, with no impact on the BOM.

You ask an interesting question and I'm also interested in the answer should one be given.

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My understanding of adjustable parts is more like what @bshand mentioned.  Something visible that changes to meet the needs of the assembly; the shape of a spring perhaps.  I don't believe that the adjustable part feature is the solution to getting a correct BOM in this scenario.  This has been brought up many times and I usually get lost when the discussion turns to Reference Parts (which I believe are just parts that have no body and do not show up in the assemblies) as they are only for populating BOM fields.  Like I say, I have not used them, we haven't had a need for them yet that substantiates someone here mastering how they should be used. 


From what I've gathered they're still not capable of using a different unit of measure.  In my mind that is what you need, you want to change the UOM from each to feet or meters or oz or grams, etc.  In our case our mfg info actually keeps track of lbs of weld wire in a weldment and lbs of powder coat used to coat a part.  those are averages of course.  They also have ft of hose or wire, but fortunately we do not need to have those in our models.  Yet...


Great question, and I too would like to hear a solution


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One example of how we might use an adjustable part:


Our rubber matting we put on top of a floor. It's a raw part number that is issued by linear feet. We use one file on the network that can be adjusted for each assembly it is used in. This eliminates the need for thousands of individual files on the network. When we place it in our assembly, we then have to go back and set the occurances for the BOM report.


This example does have some variables that make it different, because your matting is going to come in a specific width, so you have to figure out how many feet of that width, but that's the only example I can come up with at the moment.

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@Trikefreak, how is that floor covering displayed in the assembly? In my mind's eye I'm seeing something like carpeting (or similar) on a wide roll, and it is cut to shape of the floor in the assembly?