Advice on Cam Feature as a Sweep?

Can anyone offer advice as I'm not sure if I'm anywhere near the correct way to do this...  Camtrax my be the best solution.


This would be a disk type cam feature, with the rise and fall on the z-axis, rotating around the x-y axis.  I was thinking of a 3d type sweep for 22.5°, then mirroring and patterning the feature to complete 360°.  One sketch would be the 22.5° arc, another sketch being the cross section of the revolve.  The third sketch is where I'm confused on how and where to make / place it.  It would show the radius from the low end to high end of the main feature.


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Do you have a picture?

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Sorry, I don't have a picture...  try to visualize a cylinder with a 20mm I.D. and a 40mm O.D.  On one end, there is a "sine-wave" shaped feature that rises and falls (above & below where the face would be) an equal amout of times which allows two parts to interlock together when mated end to end.


Solid Edge has a loft feature example that is similar to what I need, but this needs to revolve.





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You can still create a loft. Just make the sections on angled planes. If you want to use guide curves, you can make helical surface such that the edge is smaller than the ID and larger than the OD, and make the sections drive along the edges.

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Q1: How many peaks?

Q2: Do you need a 'true' sinusoidal profile or will an approximation do?


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If you are talking about making a sine wave shaped surface on the end face of a tube, could you:

1. Make the tube in the sheet metal environment with a small gap between the edges

2. Flatten it

3. Create the sine wave shape in the flat

4. Roll it back up



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Would the Wrap Sketch command help?

Create a sketch tangent to the O.D. and create a profile of Pi*D in length.

Wrap the sketch onto the cylinder and use that for a swept cut.


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Thanks for all the advice. A lot of this stuff is way over my head right now. Fortunately, the project died.