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After installation errors - Event Viewer - ID 32 & 59

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Just downloaded and installed a fresh copy of free2d, my original was pre sept, 2006.
After installing and opening, I checked the event viewer and found twenty-seven
ID 32 and ID 59 errors! Source: SideBySide - Event ID 32 "Dependent Assembly Microsoft
VC80.MFCLOC could not be found and Last Error was The referenced assembly was not
installed on your system."
Event ID 59 "Resolve Partial Assembly failed for Microsoft VC80.MFCLOC. Reference
error message: The referenced assembly was not installed in your system"
These errors are duplicated every time SolidEdge free2d is started. The workstation
is new (yesterday) but I had this same problem last year (two workstations) and
was forced to uninstall both!
I reinstalled today because I read in the forums that the same problem occured in
the earlier version (timestamp Sept 06, 2006 ?).
..NET v.20 was installed fresh today, also.
Why is SolidEdge free2d looking for a program that is not installed?
Whoops! I think I figured this out - there seems to be some C++ files mising in
the WinSxS folder - is nec to download this file form Microsoft and install:
Thanks - I hope this helps someone else.

Re: After installation errors - Event Viewer - ID 32 & 59

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This is a known problem. MFCLOC is not being installed properly when Solid
Edge 2D Drafting V19 is installed. It will be resolved in V20. This should
not have an impact on the software running properly.
Rick B.