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Aligning sketches on different planes

Hi,  novice use here!

I have 2 sketches; one on the XY base plane and one on a reference plane above it that is parallel on the Y axix but not the X (it's tilted).  I have aligned the sketches on the Y axis (projection between them was okay because they are parallel on this axis) but I can't work out how to align them on the X axis where they aren't parallel.


I could mesure off the ZY plane to sketch elements in each sketch and move the sketches but can't work that out

I could put a line on the intersction of the ZY plane and the 2 planes i'm sketching on but can't work that out either.


Related - if you project to sketch from a base plane to a plane that's not parallel to it, is there a way to make the projection normal to the plane its coming from?


Thanks in advance
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Betreff: Aligning sketches on different planes


would a picture be possible for easier understanding?



Re: Aligning sketches on different planes

a screenshoot will be more helpfull to understand Ur problem ...

MfG -

Re: Aligning sketches on different planes

Take a look at Tear-Off Sketch. It's in ordered mode in the sketch group.

Within that command there is a button to position the sketch to the destination plane.


Re: Aligning sketches on different planes

I had the same question when learning the program. Never did find a real answer. 


To put the question in an easily visualized manor.


Lets say you have a circlular sketch on a plane 45 deg to the ground. The desired results are an ellipse on the ground. IE the projection is normal to the destination, not the source.


Now reverse the siuation. How do you project the ellipse to end up with a circle to a plane that is 45 deg from the ellipse. In that case the projection is normal to the source, not the destination.

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Ahh...I think I understand what you are after. For me, coming from NX I have the ability to define the projection vector (in many different ways). So, I was thinking what's the big deal. Create your circular sketch and your projection plane and project along the Z-axis.


In SE it appears that the projection vector is being determined by the surface normal of the "projected to" plane. So even though you have a plane at 45 degrees to the base plane (x-y) the projection is at 45 degrees and not 90 to the base plane. You aren't able to control the projection vector.


That would be a great enhancement.

* This could be either a sketch entity or a specialize curve type (outside of the sketch environment).

* Allow the user to project sketch and/or edge elements onto a surface, group of surfaces or plane.

* The user has the ability to define the projection vector using different vector creating methods (surface normal, along absolute z,y,z, intersection of two faces or planes, two points (associate or non-associatieve), etc.

* The ability to change the projection vector during an edit

* The option to wrap around cylindrical faces

*The option to project through cylindrical faces (can create two sets of geometry- near side and far-side)


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Thanks for the replies - you managed to understand my issue!

So given I can't control the project to sketch function how I'd like (thought that would be a pretty basic function), what else can I do - haven't checked out the tear off sketch yet but I assume that means I'd have to sketch everything on one plane then move it which might be a bit complicated.


I'm drawing a spaceframe from some 2d drawings and refence lines/planes are used for measurements on the 2d drawings.  I have a 3D model of the frame but its an AutoCAD 2007 import and therefore SE sees it as solid cylinders not a tube frame.


Attached is a screenshot of my 2 sketches.

Thanks again.
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Re: Aligning sketches on different planes

I think I've managed it by moving the sketch and snapping to pierce points but I'm not 100%.

Any tips appreciated!
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Re: Aligning sketches on different planes

Tear off sketch seems to do the same thing as project to sketch - the reference for repositioning is always normal to the plane the new sketch is placed on not the originating plane.  

The drawings I'm re-doing have reference planes that are normal to the base plane
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Re: Aligning sketches on different planes

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I thought I'd close this one out for others who ran into this issue - the solution is to use 3D sketch elements to place normal lines off the base plane.  The point where these intersect the above non-parallel planes (pierce point) can then be connected to with other 2D sketch elements on the non-parallel plane.
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