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All Solid Edge ST8 languages are Released!! (yesterday)

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Community Manager

All ST8 languages were released to manufacturing yesteday. 13 languages within 5.5 weeks of English!!


Great job by everyone! Special thanks to the Localization team and Configuration Management (CM) team in Huntsville and the extended country teams, translators, reviewers, testers and so forth.


Fred White posted the remaining languages to the GTAC and other download sites. Ricky Black and Mike Brown will work with the web teams to get Free 2D and Academic download sites updated to ST8 as soon as possible – hopefully later in July or early August.


ST8 Lang:                             Goal:                                   RTM Status:

  1. English                              06/05/15                     Released June 5
  2. Spanish                             06/19/15                     Released June 12
  3. French                               06/19/15                     Released June 15
  4. German                             06/19/15                     Released June 15
  5. Russian                             06/26/15                     Released June 19
  6. Italian                                06/26/15                     Released June 19
  7. Portuguese                       07/03/15                     Released June 22
  8. Polish                                07/10/15                     Released June 25
  9. Korean                              06/26/15                     Released June 26
  10. Hungarian                         07/03/15                     Released June 30
  11. Czech                               07/03/15                     Released July 1
  12. Japanese                          7/10/15                      Released July 1
  13. Simplified Chinese           07/10/15                     Released July 14
  14. Traditional Chinese         07/17/15                     Released July 14

Re: All Solid Edge ST8 languages are Released!! (yesterday)


Good !!
Laura's Git please .. ^^
I'm looking forward to it.

Re: All Solid Edge ST8 languages are Released!! (yesterday)



Re: All Solid Edge ST8 languages are Released!! (yesterday)


You have to login into the GTAC section and download from there if you have an active license and account setup with a valid webkey and sold-to ID.

Brian Fritz
Solid Edge Certified Professional
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Re: All Solid Edge ST8 languages are Released!! (yesterday)


Does SE use the Simplified Technical English (STE) for documentation?