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All lines made visible in assembly

Any ideas on why my assembly is showing all lines? The individual parts are all shown correctly when opened. This assembly and a larger assembly (that includes this one) are both showing all lines. Everything is see through as well. I've checked View Styles which is set at Shaded with Visible Edges and Hidden Lines are Off in View Overrides.  Not sure where else to check. Starting to wonder if there is a problem with the file.



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: All lines made visible in assembly

this is a video card hichup...   closing and reopening Solid Edge should fix the issue.


seen this over the years with no real reason...  but the restart of SE always seamed to fix it..  except in one instance which never was resolved...



Re: All lines made visible in assembly

Thank you!

Restarting SE worked on the larger asm, but didn't help the smaller one. I did happen to stumble onto something that fixed it though. I selected a configuration and it regenerated it correctly.

Thanks again.