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All the Best!


To All,


It looks like I will be saying good bye for now


Back in August of 2016 Caterpillar decided to exit the Room & Pillar Underground Mining market and tried to sell our division. Unfortunately, after nine months they were unable to find a suitable buyer, so they announced May 11, 2017 that they would be closing down our operations in Houston, PA and laying most of us off. They sent most of us home that day, but we have remained Cat employees until our formal separation next week. 


Unfortuantely, I will no longer using Solid Edge unless I land a new job with another SE company. Cat is a Pro E/Creo house, but because we were purchased numerous times by various companies up until Cat bought us, we have been able to remain using Solid Edge for the Highwall Miner product line. I must say that after seeing the other groups work with Pro-E/Creo, I am very thankful to have stayed on SE.


I have not been as active on this forum the past few years as I used to be due to time constraints, but I have been using SE since Ver. 3.5 and it has been quite a ride up up to where we are with ST9.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this forum and the numerous SE user group events that I have been able to attend over the years. The SE family is not like any other I have been involved with and it has been a real honor and priviledge to be a part of such a great group. Keep up the great work!


I hope to make it back at some point, but for now, best of luck to everyone!


Best regards to all,





Bob Henry
REH Technical Consulting
Canonsburg, PA 15317