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Allow SolidEdgeSLU

Hi everyone,

I have a little problem when I launch Solid Edge (ST8 MP8 FL license).
when I launch SE, it is shown a message with the following indication


Allow this app to make changes to your PC?
Program name: SolidEdgeSLU
Verified author: Siemens product lifecycle management software Inc.


My fear is that going to change some settings on the license

Can I accept?
Which process is referred to SolidEdgeSLU?


Thank you all for the help in the resolution of this matter

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‎07-07-2016 05:46 AM

Re: Allow SolidEdgeSLU

You can accept this and allow the changes to be made.  This is attempting to configure your system to allow the licensing system to properly work.  It is not making changes to your actual license.

Re: Allow SolidEdgeSLU

OKI, Thanks

Re: Allow SolidEdgeSLU

Are you on subscription? I am on a month-to-month subscription and I get this message for about five days every month and then it goes away until the next month. It's pretty annoying. I spoke to GTAC about it but I'm not sure they logged it as something to fix.

David McMahon
Solid Edge ST9, MP8
HP Z2 Mini, Windows 10

Re: Allow SolidEdgeSLU

Yes, i'm in subscrition with Floating license, it appears to me when I open Solid Edge