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Alternate Position Assemblies in Top Assembly !!! (SE ST6 MP9)


Hi, included in attachment, you'll see at Top Level Assemly (1759-1-A00) that contains

Alternate Position Assemblies (1759-1-A01-OP1, and 1759-1-A01-OP2)


  When in the Assembly (1759-1-A01), I have no problem switching between

each of the alternate position that I created. Everything is just fine, no mismatch positions.


  But when I include the Alternate Position Assembly (1759-1-A01) in the Top Level Assembly

(1759-1-A00), there is some kind of garbage within the Assembly. Matrix pieces seems

out of place compared to the Alternate Position Assembly (1759-1-A01).


My Top Level Assembly (1759-1-A00), also has Alternate Position Assembly.

Take a look to my JPG, and you should be able to understand what I refering to.


If anyone has a solution for this, I'd appreciate. Did not have this kind of problem

with Solid Edge ST4 before.


Solid Edge ST6 Maintenance Pack installed 9.