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Analyzing a surface


I need to be able to efficiently analyze surfaces on imported models for contours and degree of curvature etc.

For example; I might have an imported part that has a B-Spline surface on it that might be extremly close to being planar.  I would like to be able to determine the precise difference between the B-Spline surface and a planar face.


Also, I would like to be able to apply a ruled surface (best fit) to the aforementioned B-Spline and know where the synchronization points of the upper and lower contours are as well.  


I have tried some of the SE8 analysis tools but there does not seem to be any way to quantify the outcome into actual dimensions.


Anyone have an idea?


Re: Analyzing a surface


You could create a plane from 3 points on the surface, and then measure how far other points are from that plane.


For the Ruled surface, you're not going to find those tools in Solid Edge. The best you might do is to untrim the surface back to a 4 sided patch, then apply trimmed surfaces using pairs of edges.


If you're trying to match the workflow in some other package of software, that usually ends in disappointment, regardless of the software. Maybe the problem you're trying to solve has an easier answer in SE. What is your end goal with all of this?

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Re: Analyzing a surface


Thank you for your input - We are a machine shop and this issue relates to process planning and determining the choice of manufacturing process used.  If I can detemine that a surface is nearly planar (within a specified tolerance), then I might be able to WEDM the part as opposed to profile milling the surface.