Angle, Deg-Min-Sec

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I would like to display deg-min-sec on the doc. which shows on the angle window.


Any suggestions?


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Re: Angle, Deg-Min-Sec

Need to format your dimensions and change the units for angular to include it.


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Re: Angle, Deg-Min-Sec

If you are asking for the reset for the dimensions I have. I would like to
display on the document, not just on the ribbon. As the video shows the
dimensions is the standard not the deg-min-sec.

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Hi Greg,   Because it's a full circle you're dimensioning...

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Hi Greg,


Because it's a full circle you're dimensioning, it is expected to encompass 360 degrees, so the angular type of dimension is not available for selection.....if you were to draw a semi-circle [arc] you would get an option to apply an angular dimension and be able to display it that way.


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