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So I've been having an issue with angular coordinate dimensions since updating to ST9. In the video below I demonstrate the problem. It's pretty annoying, to say the least. It's more of a personal issue just cause I'm a big advocate of aesthic and things looking a certain way but any help works.

So, I did a bit of an experiment.

I created a basic circle and only drew one line at the 225° mark then proceeded to create the angular coordinates. When I place the the coordinates after the zero is set, as you can see, I can move them fast and pretty much wherever I want. The 225° text is also in-line with the dimension line. 

This is the way I like it to look. No problems.

But moving onto the issue.

When I do the same for my base model view, same dimension style, all coordinates after zero is set, are difficult to move and I pretty much have to pan all the way to the other side of my screen just to set the 90°. Then the rest I'm not able to move them up closer to the part without having to move the center line, which is annoying. Also the 225° is not in line with the center line and is offset to the side, unlike when I did the same with just the basic circle.

Basically, I would like to know why, when using the same style, there are 2 different outcomes? 

Hopefully I was somewhat clear on what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks in advance. 


Re: Angular Coordinate Dimension

Looks like an issue you need to report to your VAR/GTAC...  In my opinion it is not working correctly as the text should "stick" to the cursor until placed but for some reason is using some distance ratio based on the expected location (based on the origin???) for something like a hole circle.


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Re: Angular Coordinate Dimension

That was my next move. Thanks for the insight

Re: Angular Coordinate Dimension

Huh. THat's funny. Angular coordinate dims for me behave far differently, and in an almost opposite kind of way. But nothing like this. I end up having to place a jog in every one except 0° because they end up being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay long if I don't.

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Re: Angular Coordinate Dimension

Yea it's a super weird bug in ST9. It never happened to me in ST7 or ST8. I sent the same question and video to my GTAC and they forwarded it to Siemens with the draft file from video so hopefully they will present a solution as to why its behaving that way.